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7 Day Thermo Diet Kit

Designed especially for use with our FREE 7 Day Thermo Diet, this kit contains everything you need to help maximize weight loss for a full 7 days! Schedule recurring shipments and save! Click the red link below to add the feature to this product on today's order.

  •  Advanced Fat Burning
  •  Appetite Suppressing
  •  Metabolism Boosting

$39.95 / Kit

Product No. TH001

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What's In The Box?


  • 7 Day Supply of Water Enhancer
    Our powerful water enhancer contains special ingredients to help turn water into a fat burning tool! Your kit includes a one week supply based on 3 servings per day. An additional serving is optional at bedtime. Water Enhancer can also be purchased separately in 15 or 30 Day Supplies.
  • 7 Days of Gold Premium Protein Supplements
    Formulated with special ingredients to help burn fat and control appetite, these supplements also contain high quality protein to help protect calorie-burning lean muscle mass. Each kit includes two flavors with 7 servings each -- a one week supply based on 2 optional servings per day. Additional flavors can be purchased separately ... try them all!
Nutrition And Information
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